About Us


Let's Talk about convenience

Diva taxi is the go-to transportation service for travelers who need to schedule a personal, stress-free ride at an affordable price. we’ve been on the ground since the beginning of the ride-share boom and know exactly how it operates.

We believe that everyone deserves their own trusted driver, and it’s our mission to help foster lasting relationships between travelers and those who help get them to their destination. As Diva taxi continues to grow, we’ve broadened our services to include variety of people and purposes. In addition to airport rides, we now offer around-town rides in each of the cities we serve, and we’re getting involved with Senior care facilities to help provide scheduled, personalized rides for those who need them

Features of Our Diva Taxi Service

Unsuccessful people make their decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make their decisions based on where they want to be


While booking a taxi, trustworthiness is a great factor every person take in consideration. Diva Taxi booking app provides you the details of the driver’s name, contact number, taxi number etc so that while cab will arrive, you know they are the ones.
Because of the above security services, you will be secure from other threats while traveling with a stranger.

Enhanced productivity

While monitoring performance on a daily base, drivers will feel motivated towards work with more efficiency & resolve the coming issues as quickly as possible. As a result Diva taxi  business gets enhanced productivity.

Cost Effective Pricing

Because of mobile booking, there will be no unwanted negotiation regarding price between passenger & driver.